Updating your payment information for your LabStar or 3Shape LMS subscription

Melissa McCullough
Melissa McCullough
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Beginning April 1st, 2024, all LabStar subscriptions will be managed by 3Shape. You will no longer update your credit card in LabStar's settings. This article will walk you through adding your payment information to your 3Shape account.

Note: Your invoice from 3Shape will read "3Shape LMS" even if you have not migrated yet and are still using your LabStar site.


1) Go to webshop.3shape.com and sign into your 3Shape Account


2) Click the person icon in the corner. Then click "Profile"


3) Make any necessary updates to the Personal, Company, Billing, and Shipping information. Note: Invoices can be sent to only 1 email address.

If everything is correct, skip to step 4.


4) Scroll down to "Payment" Method and enter the information. Please note, payment method may vary depending on your country.

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