FAQ for 3Shape LMS integrated credit card processing with Stripe

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We're excited to partner with Stripe for integrated credit & debit card processing. From your Stripe account, you'll be able to run financial reports, add users and assign different permissions, and access their support site which includes articles, a place to submit tickets and an option to chat with a Stripe support agent.  Note: Click here, for instructions on signing up Stripe in your 3hape LMS site.


Q: Can I keep my WePay account if I choose to wait for the Client Portal to migrate? 

A: No, Chase Bank is discontinuing WePay. As of April 20, 2024, WePay will no longer be available. 

Q: When will my WePay account be closed? 

A: WePay will no longer be available to process payments as of April 20th, but you will still be able to access records in your WePay account until April 19th  2025.

Q: Will I be able to use Stripe in my LabStar account?

A: No. To have integrated credit card processing, you must migrate to 3Shape LMS. There will be no new integrations with LabStar. 

Q: What are the fees for using Stripe? 

A:  US: 2.9% + 30 cent 

**For fees outside the US, visit: https://stripe.com/pricing 

Q: Will I be able to charge my customers from LMS the same way I was in LabStar? 

A: Yes, there is a payment integration in 3Shape LMS. It will work in a similar way, but it will be done through a different payment facilitator - Stripe instead of WePay.  

Q: Will credit card numbers in LabStar be copied over or do I need to re-enter them? 

A: Unfortunately card details will not transfer from LabStar to 3Shape LMS. You'll receive a secure link to send your clients, so they can enter their own cards. Once clients enter their card details, the information is securely saved, enabling you to charge the card directly from our site for seamless and convenient transactions. 

Q: Can I issue refunds in 3Shape LMS?

A: You can issue refunds for cards processed with Stripe. You will need to issue a credit for transactions processed with WePay. There will not be a "Refund" button for WePay transactions. *See: Creating a credit

Q: If I have a WePay Account, will I automatically have a Stripe Account? 

A:  No, you'll need to enroll with Stripe.

Q: How will I sign up with Stripe?

A: You will sign up through your 3Shape LMS Settings after your have access to your site much like signing up for WePay in LabStar.

Q: Will clients be able to enter their own payments? 

A: Not until after the Client Portal/3Shape integration is available in Q3. 

Q: How long does it take for the money to be available? 

A: The funds are normally available in 3-5 business days, but can very by country.

Q: If I add my customers card into LMS, does that mean 3Shape has access to it? 

A: Although 3Shape LMS provides an integration with Stripe, we do not have access to your confidential account information, bank information, or financial records. That is only processed by Stripe. 

Q: What payment methods are supported? 

A: In addition to all major credit cards, you will be able to process debit cards even if they aren’t affiliated with Visa/Mastercard. Through your Stripe account, there are additional methods of payments you can accept, however only card payments are  integrated with 3Shape LMS  at this time.  

Q: Who will provide support for my Stripe account if I have problems? 

A:  Stripe will provide support for your account. Like 3Shape LMS, you can access their Help Center through your Stripe account. In addition to submitting tickets, Stripe also offers Help Center articles and chat. When accessing support through your Stripe account, you are identified as a 3Shape LMS customer. We’ve arranged to have a specific Stripe support team assigned to our customers migrating from LabStar during the transition period. 

Q: Is Stripe available outside the US?

A: Stripe is global and currently supported in 46 countries, with more to come. To see if Stripe is available in your country visit: 


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