Setting up Wepay

Leroy Kong
Leroy Kong
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This article will show you how to set up Wepay.

Wepay enables allows you to process credit card payments conveniently and securely from your LabStar site.  Credit card information is saved to your client's payment options, so there is no need to repeatedly enter credit information each month.  There is no equipment to rent or purchase, no setup fees, no monthly charges, no extra fees.


1) Settings > Billing > Credit Card Processing > Register for Wepay > Edit


2) Click "Register"


3) In popup window, click on Connect to WePay



4) Enter a name and email to sign up for WePay. This will lock in your guaranteed rate for merchant fees (2.75% + $.30 a transaction for all cards including Amex).




5) After signing up through LabStar, go to and log in using the username and password you just entered. Go through basic account validation (trust center) and link your bank account. After that you may begin charging cards in the payment popup in LabStar.

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