Charging credit cards through the LabStar/Wepay account connection

Leroy Kong
Leroy Kong
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LabStar is integrated with WePay, which allows you to charge credit cards when entering payments in LabStar.  You may also allow your clients to pay by credit card through their client portals. 

If you choose to connect WePay to your LabStar account, merchant fees are 2.75% + 30 cents a transaction for all cards including American Express.


To see how to set up Wepay, Click here.


1) Go to Billing > Payments > New Payment > Add Credit Card


3) Enter card information. All information must be included.  Enter the zip code from the credit card's billing address--this could be different from the client address zip code. If you choose to save the information for future use, only the last four digits of the card will be visible--keeping your client's information secure.

If you are making a one time credit card payment and do not want to save the card for future use, click on the white arrow in the green box.


4) Select credit card and enter payment




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