How to complete the "action required" steps for migration

Jeff Noles
Jeff Noles
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The 3 actions each lab must complete before migrating to 3Shape LMS are:


1)  Confirm or create your 3Shape ID

Login to your 3Shape account.

Don't have an account?  Create it here.


2) Confirm or create your 3Shape company

Login to your 3Shape account > Company

If you don't see a company, create one: Setting up your 3Shape company


3)  Invite to your 3Shape company

See article:  How to invite to your 3Shape Company

Why it's important:  on the day of migration we'll confirm the migration was successful


4) Follow the link in the EOL Notification located and complete the form

Please be aware the Client Portal is not currently available with 3Shape LMS.


*WePay integrated credit card processing will no longer be available in LabStar beginning April 20th, 2024. Click here to learn about 3Shape LMS integration with Stripe.


More questions?  Check out the Migration FAQ

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