Creating and confirming the "company admin email"

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In order to create your 3Shape Company, you need to create a 3Shape user account first.

You will need to assign a main contact for your migration. This person will be the first person to log into your LMS site and grant other users access and assign permissions. They will also need to be able to and invite users to your 3Shape Company. They main contact for migration should also have a username for LabStar. 

If they create your 3Shape company, they are automatically is assigned as the 3Shape company "owner". That company role can be be changed to another user at any time after migration. 

Does your lab already have a 3Shape Company? You can choose the company admin email from existing users or invite that person to your 3Shape Company.  Click here to learn the next step.


1. Fill out the required fields and click "Create my account"

This is the "company admin email" that you must provide in the EOL Notice checklist. The company admin email needs to be the same in the user's LabStar Profile. 


Note: If the email you enter is unavailable, it's already associated with a 3Shape Company. 


2. Confirm that only one (1) user in LabStar uses the admin email address in their user profile for LabStar. 

We need to link the admin email to only one LabStar user.  We are unable to migrate your data if more than one user has the same email.  This is required due to the improved encryption and advanced data protection on the 3Shape platform.


3. Verify your account

A verification email will be sent from Click the "VERIFY MY ACCOUNT" button and click "Confirm" on the pop-up window.


4. Set up your 3Shape company 

You will be redirected to set up your 3Shape company account. Please see the next steps by clicking here. Prefer a video to screenshots? Click here for a short video on setting up your account & registering your company.

Note: Once your company is set up, you will be must invite to your company.  Step-by-Step instructions are included in this article.

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