Inviting members to your 3Shape Company

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Only members of your 3Shape Company can have access to your 3Shape LMS site. The invitation you send asks them to create a user 3Shape account, where they enter their name, and a password that connects them to your 3Shape Company. Once they've created their username and password, they will be visible in your 3Shape Company and in your 3Shape LMS site settings, where you can grant access and assign permission.


This article will show you how to:

  • Invite people after your 3Shape Company is created;
  • See who has been invited
  • Identify who has created a user account
  • Identify who has not created a user account


To sign into your account, click here.


1. Click "Sign in"



4. Under "Companies", click the drop down arrow next to your company name.  Then click the hamburger menu and click "View"


5. Go to TEAM MANAGEMENT > ALL MEMEBERS > Invite member


6. Enter the email and choose the Shape company member role the --this does not determine permissions in 3Shape LMS. Note: needs Administrator role in order to verify your new LMS site before you login the first time.

Click on "+ Add another" for each additional person you need to invite.  When you've entered all of the email addresses, click "INVITE"

*Note: The email address entered will be the person's username


8. Invitees will receive an email from identity@3shape. com.  asking them to create an account.  Once they created their account successfully, they will appear as a member in you 3Shape Company account. 

*Note: The password they enter will be their password for logging into 3Shape LMS

**Note: Users MUST complete this step to view them in 3Shape LMS.  You CANNOT add users directly from 3Shape LMS.



9. "TEAM MANAGEMENT" in your company account displays pending and accepted invitations. Only those listed under "Pending  Invites" or "ALL MEMBERS" have been sent invitations. Anyone not listed under "ALL MEMBERS" will NOT appear in 3Shape LMS.

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