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We're excited to bring all LabStar users into the 3Shape technology ecosystem!  We began migrating our LabStar customers in July 2023. Our final migration wave is happening now! If you missed our webinar about LabStar's EOL & migration, click here to view it.

We want your lab to be as successful as possible, so we're making feature upgrades and changes to improve your lab's productivity and efficiency.  We're most excited about integrating LMS with other 3Shape products such as TRIOS and Dental System since it will be the first and only true integration between labs and clinics Please note:  some features, used by only a handful of LabStar labs, will not be available on 3Shape LMS including manufacturing portals, digital transfer, custom reports, QuickBooks Online and time clock.

Q What's unique about the upcoming 3Shape integration?
A:  It will be the first time that labs can receive digital cases directly from clinics and communicate with doctors about all cases--both digital and analog--directly from your LMS. Finally, labs will not have to double-enter cases or communicate via outside apps about patients and cases; and you can be confident that all data and communication is secure and HIPAA / GDPR compliant. The integration will include TRIOS, Dental System, Communicate and future 3Shape products.

Q:  Will I have to learn a "new" software?
A:   You will not have to learn a new software since 3Shape LMS is identical to LabStar Software. As in the past, when new features are introduced, including the 3Shape integration, we'll provide support and training.

Q:  What will I have to do when my lab moves to 3Shape LMS?
A:  Each LabStar customer will be assigned a specific migration date. We'll ask you to create a free 3Shape account and will take care of the rest. We'll send you emails with detailed instructions and will provide you with support throughout the process. Click here for more details about setting up a 3Shape account.

Q:  If I'm using the Client Portal how long can I wait until migrating to 3Shape LMS?
A: No type of Client Portal will be available in 3Shape LMS until Q1 2025, however LabStar's end of life is August 31st. You will be assigned a migration date prior to then. 

Q:  My main CAD system isn't with 3Shape, can I still use LMS?
A:  Of course! We want to provide you with the best experience possible regardless of CAD system preferences.

Q:  Will all my LabStar cases and billing information be available on 3Shape LMS?
A:  Yes! Your complete database will be copied over.

Q:  Will I continue to get the same level of support?
A:   3Shape will continue to provide the same world-class support provided by LabStar. 

Q: What if I don't want to change to 3Shape LMS?
A: Give us a try! We believe 3Shape LMS is the best available in the market, and we're investing for the long term to ensure we continue to be the best. If not we'll close your subscription and return your data. End of life for all LabStar sites is August 31st, 2024. All sites and data will be permanently deleted. Once deleted, there is no way to retrieve the data.

Q:  As a LabStar legacy user, what monthly fees will I pay after I migrate to 3Shape LMS?
A:  3Shape pricing goes into effect for all LabStar customers, regardless of migration status, on April 1st, 2024. Emails were sent to all LabStar customers with their new pricing on February 21st. If you feel you've been placed in the incorrect tier, please contact support@labstar.com.

New pricing structure:

Monthly Case Volume Monthly Subscription Price Discounted Price
Up to 100 cases entered $99 $79
Up to 300 cases entered $179 $139
Up to 600 cases entered $299 $229
Up to 1000 cases entered $499 $379
Unlimited $799 $599

*Note: There is a 99 cents per case charge for overages. You can switch between tiers by contacting support@3Shape.com.

**Note: Prices do not include sales tax. Sales tax will be applied where required.

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