Matching the "account admin email" to the correct LabStar profile

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The "account admin email" also needs to be in one person's LabStar profile.  This will be the first person to log into your 3Shape LMS site and give all other users access and set permissions.


Example 1.

Sally's email with your 3Shape Company is, and you've reported it as the "company admin email." Technician, Doug, also uses  Prior to migration, remove email address from all other LabStar profiles.  

*Users assigned as "Technicians" in LabStar do not have to have an email in their User Profile.  Users assigned as "Lab Staff" must have an email in the User Profile.



Example 2.

The  Sally's email (the "account admin email") in the 3Shape company account is different than the one in her LabStar User Profile.  The email in her LabStar User Profile must be updated to match the "account admin email" before migration in order for her to log in the first time and give the rest of the team access.


Note:  While each 3Shape LMS user must have a unique email address, it's critical only for the account admin's LabStar Profile and "company admin email" match.  Click here to learn how to invite people to your 3Shape Company. 

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