What do I need to do if I already have a 3Shape Company account?

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If you use 3Shape lab products or services, you don't need to create a 3Shape Company account! There are just a few more steps to prepare your lab for migrating to 3Shape LMS.

*Note: If you are a Clinic or Doctor's office with and in-house lab & have a 3Shape Company account for your practice, you will need to create a 3Shape Company for your lab. Click here to get started. You can invite a person to both companies using the same email. Their login and password will be the same for both companies and 3Shape LMS>


1) Invite lms.support@3Shape.com to your company. Click here to learn how to invite and view members.


2) Identify the person (account admin) who will be giving 3Shape LMS access to other users and their assigning permissions. The main point of contact for the migration process. (If they are not a member of your 3Shape Company, you will need to invite them. They cannot have "member" role in your 3Shape company.) 

*Note: Invitations must be accepted within 48 hours of receipt.


3) Make sure the account admin's email address in your 3Shape Company account is entered under their LabStar profile. For best security practices, each company member must have a unique email address. Click here to learn more.


4) Follow the link in the EOL Notification & complete the checklist


*WePay integrated credit card processing will no longer be available in LabStar beginning April 24th, 2024. Click here to learn about 3Shape LMS integration with Stripe.






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