Feature differences between LabStar Software and 3Shape LMS

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While similar to LabStar, there will be some significant differences in 3Shape LMS. Please review the following list of features that will will be replaced or removed in order to assess and minimize the impact on your business.

Please note, if you are using Wepay or the Client Portal, those features are not available in 3Shape LMS at the moment. LabStar subscribers using these features will not be migrated until 3Shape LMS has an integrated client portal and integrated credit card processing. 

If your lab uses either of these features and you are scheduled to migrate before without receiving confirmation the features are ready, please email support@labstar.com

For quick introduction 3shape LMS, click here.


Features being replaced at migration


Replaced by


Permission Templates 5 "standard" 3Shape permission templates (full access, full access without settings, billing only, case management only, technician

Users will access LMS only through the secure "3Shape ID" logins used for all 3Shape products and services. LMS provides access to 5 different templates. Custom templates used in LabStar are not compatible with 3Shape ID.

For more details on lab staff permissions, click here.

For more details on technician permissions, click here.


Features being removed and replaced 

Feature Replaced by Notes
Client Portal Redesigned, integrated 3Shape portal

Fully integrated "3Shape Portal" (release date Q1 2025)

Messaging 3Shape portal Secure client messaging will be temporarily suspended on the LMS client portal until the 3Shape Portal (release date Q1 2025)
iPhone App 3Shape portal mobile access The 3Shape Portal (release date tbd 2025) will provide mobile access for clients initially, then also for labs. If you use the app to take & upload photos, we suggest accessing LMS through a tablet's browser and taking photos. (You must give the browser access to your camera)
Wepay Stripe Stripe integration available now, 2024. Along with credit cards, you will also be able to process debit card that aren't affiliated with Visa/Mastercard. The feature will be also be available to customers outside the US. PLEASE NOTE, CHASE BANK HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED BY WEPAY. AS OF APRIL 20, 2024, THERE WILL BE NO INTEGRATED CREDIT CARD PROCESSING IN LABSTAR. Click here to learn more about your options to learn more about your options. 
UPS Account Integration Temporarily Unavailable We recommend barcoding or copy/paste tracking numbers into shipments (release date tbd)
QuickBooks Online Integration Temporarily Unavailable

We recommend downloading & saving payment and invoices as .csv spreadsheet and importing into QuickBooks Online (release date tbd)

**We can't direct you on how to import files into your QBO account. Please contact QBO support for help.

Custom Reports  

Replacement currently under development; expect to confirm (release date tbd)


Features being removed

Feature Notes
Digital Transfer We recommend transferring files from the case record
Time clock We recommend finding a cloud-based replacement that can be accessed in another browser tab
Manufacturer Portal No replacement planned

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