Sending payment reminder letters

Leroy Kong
Leroy Kong
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LabStar allows the generation of payment reminder letters to send out to your clients.

Note*: Payment reminders are designed to fit into a #10 double windowed envelope


1) Billing > Balances


2) Select clients and click "Send Reminder"


3) Select method then click the green "Print/Send" button

The payment reminder will show past due balances sorted by 30+ days, 60+ days, and 90+ days.  The note will additionally note what is due for the current month, although that amount is not included in the past due amount:


If you select the "Print" method you will get a pop-up window in which you can save as a PDF or print


If you select the "Email" method it will queue up an email to be sent


Example of Payment Reminder letter:


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